We are building the best cyber risk management product in the world and are going to have a great time doing it

We are building the best cyber risk management product in the world and are going to have a great time doing it

Decades of work and billions of dollars spent every year on securing digital infrastructures. Yet every month many millions of customer records are breached and released.

We're looking at the problem differently. We know how hackers breach networks, how to measure business risk management, and how to accelerate remediation. If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, get in touch with us.

Our entrepreneurial culture is driven by people who love to build new things, have developed rock solid skills, and have a strong bias toward action. Do you love to learn something new every day? Does your best work happen as member of a high performing team? Then we'd love to meet you.

Here's what we're currently recruiting for:

Account ManagerYou have experience selling enterprise cybersecurity products to medium and large enterprise. You're an operator, you don't need any handholding, and you are ready to disrupt Vulnerability Management.

Customer Success Engineers You love helping people be successful with technology. You'll be responsible for making every product deployment a success and you'll be a conduit to bring good ideas back from the customer to engineering.

Backend EngineerIf building big things and then fine-tuning queries and eeking out the last ounce of performance from a complex algorithm is your jam, this is for you. You'll be the point person for expanding the core threat modeling capabilities of DeepSurface.

Technical WriterYou're at peace when everyone is on the same page. Your job is to clarify, document, and describe. You'll be a force multiplier on the engineering team and to ensure the customer experience is outstanding.

Windows SecDevOpsYou're fearless at tackling enterprise software setup and configuration because you've been doing it for years. You'll be helping us research and test all the ways security goes wrong in the Windows multiverse.

Linux DevOpsWhenever you find yourself typing a command the second time, your instinct is to write a script. You'll be responsible for our product build chain, automating EVERYTHING, and the stability of our hosted services.

To get started, email us a cover letter at join.us@kanchil.com

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