DeepSurface® is on a mission help reduce risk faster while spending less money

We are building the best risk management and communication platform in the world. We are committed to allowing you to:

See your network through the eyes of an adversary
Clearly model your risks
Easily share that information across your whole company

Now you can identify, communicate, and manage risk faster and at less cost.

Our Team

We're a team with a mission to change the world of risk management

We're only beginning. But we've already got more that 50 years of cybersecurity experience between us. Founded by a pen tester, risk manager, and cybersecurity product manager; we've built a next-generation risk modeling tool that customers love.

James Dirksen, Founder & CEO

James Dirksen, Founder & CEO

James has 25 years of experience of leadership in cybersecurity practice, product management and sales. He was previously at Galois, Symantec, RuleSpace, and PwC
Timothy D. Morgan, Founder & CTO

Timothy D. Morgan, Founder & CTO

Tim has 24 years as a professional developer, penetration tester and application security expert. He was previously at Blindspot Security, VSR

Advisory Board

(advisor: Rob Wiltbank)

Rob Wiltbank


(advisor: Keith Wymbs)

Keith Wymbs

(former) CMO

(advisor: david cole)

David Cole

(Former) CPO

(advisor: john ewert)

John Ewert

(Former) COO

(advisor: Dwayne Melancon)

Dwayne Melancon

(former) CTO

We are building the best cyber risk management product in the world and are going to have a great time doing it